Sunday, 27 December 2009

the condor got the wings clipped

As much as writing in English about an Italian radio show might sound weird, I've tried writing it in Italian and didn't like it at all.
Moreover, Italian radio has been a big part of my life in UK, because I couldn't completely get used to English radios (in tune with nothing, don't touch the dial to me), so I relied a lot on podcasts of my favourite shows back home.
Last week, one of these shows closed down.
Condor was hosted by Luca Sofri and Matteo Bordone (that previously was the host of another clever show, Dispenser). 
Condor was a mix of everything: interesting news and funny news, serious topics, reviews of music, books and movies, a mix of everything that makes life interesting. And it was brilliant, because of all the ideas and suggestions these 2 would throw in their one-hour show.
But now the radio, Radio Due (a public radio), has a new director that wants to make the radio more "commercial", so the whole programming is changing.
Condor is a intelligent show with good ratings, but according to the new head of the radio that's not enough.
It's not the only one closing, some other shows are going to end as well, some others have been moved in the late evening or night slot (like the above mentioned Dispenser, that is at 11 in the night now, so most of the time I just get the podcast, which doesn't appear in the ratings, so quite likely it will be following the same sad path soon).
The new director's idea of how the radio should be is quite (painfully) simple: let's get rid of all the shows with any signs of intelligent use of the time and let's change it with something more in line with the general trend of Italian life.
Let's have a radio-reality! 
Hell yeah! This country is not full enough of dumb people that thinks that the only way to achieve their dreams is not working hard but appearing on tv, no! We need a new slice of the population that, instead of TV, chooses the radio for its quarter of hour of fame and as appointed place of annihilation of intelligence.
Argh, it just makes me so, so, so mad!
So now I just download the last few podcast, hoping the trend will stop and won't bring in some other good shows and thinking about all the books, movies, news I had the chance to know thanks to Condor.
I'll keep reading the blogs and hoping they will eventually come back on Radio Due or any other radio.

Moreover, I need to be grateful to Matteo Bordone, because on his personal blog he linked an hilarious video that cheered my mood.
Have a look:


  1. GREAT ! A post in English. Thank you for going to all the trouble.

    I love to read about your life.

    Have a happy new year! xx

  2. Thanks Liz! I might have "post something in English each week" as a 2010 good resolution!