Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lazy Sunday

After a whole week of nice weather and warm temperatures, when do you think it should rain?
Well, fair enough, it has to be a Sunday. Murphy's law docet
The plan for today was to head down south to Zena: wonder around the old city, have some farinata and chat the day away.
When I woke up to see the grey sky, the raindrops on the kitchen window... well, all the plans were post-poned while a huge attack of laziness had the best of me.
"Here I am", I thought while, still in my pjs and sprawled on the couch, I was trying to find the force to press any button of the remote control, "wasting a Sunday! The only day I don't work in the whole week and I just let it slip it away!"

However, as I'm a master of self-absolution, it didn't take me long to find some reasonable explanation for the situation.
For example, yesterday has been a busy day. After work I rushed to the pub, called "6 Nations", to watch guess what? Yep, Italy beating Scotland! The day before I had baked the traditional batch of canestrelli. When Italy won against Samoa, we were having canestrelli (which pair very well with beer, weird enough), so now, at each game, I need to bring some of them as good-luck charm. We didn't win against Ireland and England, but we didn't play that bad and each time Wilkinson shoot out, we were happily munching a biscuit, so... Then I met with Paoletta and Antò for a visit at the Museum of Cinema and then we met with Marco and Angela for dinner. 
Obviously, after all that, a great dinner with an entrée of tempura and 2 bottles of Gewürztraminer, I was tired and needed time to recover on Sunday morning.

Then, now that I think about it, it's not true I haven't done anything. I sent some mails, completed 2 sudoku schemes and 1 crossword, read Liz's blog (it'a kind of education on American society, very interesting, made me want to learn more about the story of the U.S.), put in order the DVDs (I discovered, pretty much to my horror, that they were in a huge chaos: Frank Capra's movies were scattered in between Mel Brooks' ones and Ernst Lubitsch ended up next to Quentin Tarantino)... Then I quickly made a cake to use up the egg whites left from the canestrelli baking.
All these heavy work, no surprise I was feeling so tired that I needed to fix myself a good afternoon snack. Good thing that the cake had cooled down by then, so I just had to boil some water for some tea.
la merenda della domenica

Then after writing this post, I think the energy will leave me once more.
Sofa calling... Virgi answering...


  1. Sounds like a sunday well spent.

  2. I love the photo and the description of your 'attack of laziness.'

    We miss you. I go into the test room sometimes and look at your photo of italian candy -- that stuff you and I both loved -- what was the name of it again? -- anyway, I look at the photo and think of you.

  3. Paul, it was really a good sunday in the end, very relaxing.

    Liz, I miss you too, but I don't miss the test room that much. You mean the photo of the pastiglie Leone, right?