Thursday, 11 March 2010


Chinese pop music is my guilty pleasure.
I can't but admit it's cheesy and predictable: considering the level of Italian pop music (always the same music and the refrains normally rhymes "cuore" and "amore" only), I wonder why I decided to top it up with some other pop music. 
Still, having lived in China for quite a while, I was amazed by the tons of pop idols and I started to quite (gulp) enjoy listening to them.

First time in China, the most popular song was "对面的女孩看过来" by Richie Ren. Up to today it's still a hit, everybody knows it and sing it (I got some memories of karoke nights with my Chinese classmate, telling me that to enjoy karaoke you either have to be drunk or deaf).
When I got back to China 3 years and 8 years after then, it was still a hit. At the dorm, Ola learnt the chords of it and played on his guitar at each party. And everybody sooner or later would join in. We would first raise our eyes up to the sky, "Not again, please!" and then start singing.
I just love the chorus but also the last line, that “算了,回家吧” and I would sigh just like in the song when singin' it.

There are many videos on the net of this song, but I just love this one, as it was the first one I ever saw and I just find it hilarious, it just matches the feel-good vibe I get when I listen to the song.

From there I moved to other singers, and my favourite is 王菲,Wang Fei (or Faye Wong in the West): she's a singer-actress, in the perfect HK traditions. She was in many Wong Kar-Wai's movie (including my favourite one, "Chongqing Senlin", she's the girl working in the snack bar that falls in love wiht the cop and breaks into his flat to redecorate it... I just love the movie!).
The first CD of Chinese music I ever bought was one of her (many and sometimes not-included-in-the-official-discography-yet-in-the-shop-copywhat?) greatest hits: she's got catchy tunes and lyrics are not that bad either.

One of my favourite song is 給自己的情書: as it's sung in Cantonese I never really understood what she sang, I had to rely on the written text.
When I heard it the first time I thought it was quite fitting with my situation back then, sometimes it still does. I do relate to the lyrics: I'm quick to let the idea I have of myself being dragged down by the negative opionion of other people, I think everybody is better than me in a way or another. And just like the song says, if you're not able to love and accept yourself the way you are, how many chances are there to love other people?

So sometimes I load this songs on the mp3 player and read the lyrics again. 
To remember myself about the positive sides I have, just like other people.
To remember myself to not pull myself down too much for the negative sides I have, just like other people.
To try to build some positive defensive wall, ready to let people into my life, but leaving malice remarks and accusations out of it.


  1. 当然!
    Have you ever had doubts about my (in)sanity? ;-)