Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nostalgia canaglia

It all started with the 6 Nations.
6 Nations as the rugby union competition that has recently ended and as the name of the pub I normally go (would it classify as my local? Not really, as it's a 30 mins bus ride away, but still, there are not many pubs in my area and the 6 Nations is my favourite pub in Torino).

The first times back there I thought something was off. Took me a while to figure it out: it doesn't smell of pub! Yep, the missing pub smell is the problem, as I triumphantly told Anto.
Really, as long as I lived in England I didn't pay any attention to it, the smell of pub. It's quite a distinctive mix of stale beer, grease, food, ketchup and custard, too many ciders spilled on the old carpet, loads of peanuts crashed on the carpet, cheap parfume and cologne, and some unidentified air freshener that obviously doesn't work that well.
Last Saturday, watching Wales destroying Italy, Paolo beat the fist on the table too harshly and a pint of Stout spilt all over the table, the floor Ste's jacket.
As we were cleaning up the mess I sniffled the air and happily chirped: "Mmmmh, now it does smell of pub!"

Yes, that's how it started, in the pub.

4 months and 4 days after leaving England, the first burst of homesickness started.
It may sound weird, it somehow does to my ears.
I'm not sure why, perhaps it's partially due also to the fact way too many things didn't go according to the plans and part of me thinks I could have spent some few more months in UK; still I've started missing things I had back there.
Up to now, I've noticed I miss:
  1. Food. Yes, you read it right. I miss food. Well, not all the food, rest assured. But I do miss a fish and chips or an afternoon tea once in a while, not to mention that it's very hard to find decent Thai food in Torino.
  2. The National Gallery, Regent's Park and Southbank, my favourite spots in London. I have favourite spots here in Torino, sure, but in days like this I'd love to walk from Waterloo to Borough Market, stop for lunch there and keep going.
  3. BBC. Watching Italian public TV is too painful to bear: the political subjection of the main TV channel to the prime minister, the amount of ads in between movies, the low quality of the tv shows... no need to go on.
  4. Oh no, wait, there's no Doctor Who on Italian TV! This by itself is worth a point in the list.
  5. Friends.
Number 5 is really the point. I miss the friends I left in UK, just as I used to miss the friends I left in Torino when I was living outside the continent. The nights eating pizza and playing with the Wii at Reda's place, having coffee with Robert and Dae-Gon, going out and chatting, somehow managing to take pics of David only when he's been drinking and post them on Flickr so his boss could make fun of him on Monday morning...
To say there's no easy solution to this problem is quite an understatement. There is no way to get everything I want: the right future path, the right place to live, all the people I love with whom to share it all. Much more poetically, Mick and Keith explained the same concept in a song and, reassuringly enough, they believe that, by trying, I might just get what I need.

I  just need to figure out (once more and once for all) what is it! Easy, isn't it? Advices are welcomed and taken on board (but not strictly followed).

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