Wednesday, 3 March 2010

suhi, friends and a huge hangover

I wasn't even supposed to be there, but a last minute change and I agreed to meet with some friends for the evening. 
Plan was quite simple: go to former Motosola office, pick Paoletta up, go to her place, order a sushi delivery, wait for the other to show up, eat and have a coffee, goodnight and that's all folks.

Now, I should get a blackboard and start writing on it a-la-Bart-Simpson: "I must not make any plan".
At least ten thousands times.
First of all, it was quite naive and silly of me thinking that Paoletta was going to allow us to eat only sushi. There were some starters, some bottles of martini, French wines (as Paoletta lived several yearsover the Alps and part of her family is still there) and Italian red wines (thanks to Mastro, hoping one day he'll get rid of IT, to take care only of his wine). 
sushi night

By the time sushi arrived, we were quite happily full and tipsy. This didn't prevent us from devouring basically everything that arrived, plus a whole tray of tiramisu made by Paoletta.

Other people arrived in the meanwhile, and we moved to coffee and "ammazzacaffè" (I checked on internet and there's even a wikipage for the coffee killers).

The best part of the evening was not the sushi, nor the wine, but the warmth of time spent talking with SViN, planning a possible holiday in Japan, discussing past and future with Paola, laughing while listening to the adventures of Dave at work.

heard 'em saying

The best part was feeling again the feeling of being where I wanted to be. No matter the sadness for things that didn't work out, the stress of settling back into Italian way of life, or the big and yet unanswered questions, yesterday evening was great because I was in no hurry, I didn't want to escape, I just wanted to be there and nothing else really mattered.

Moreover I did learn a important life lesson: if you know you're booked into an aquagym try class the day after, do not drink too much. Each drop of alcohol is a knife in your muscles the day after.

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