Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cansada de guerra

Tired of the wars, just like Teresa Batista. That's how I feel right now.
Today I read this news and watched the video on wikileaks.
I felt sick in my soul, upset, once again disgusted by war.
And I remembered a part of a theatrical monologue by Lella Costa, titled "Stanca di guerra", tired of the war.

Talking by all the people involved in that huge murderous industry that are mines, Lella says something that fits way too well to the news and how I feel:

"And I just want to know one thing: I want to know how they manage to sleep.
How can they sleep?
Please tell me how they do it... They're also going to have a evening, a sunset, a violet hour that ruins their aperitif. [...] There will be a moment for them to sleep too [...] if Macbeth murdered sleep: then I want to understand how can they manage to sleep, how did they sell even the dreams, shot down any memory, how can they manage not to hear in every moment of their existences Ecuba's crying voice - she that can at least cry."
And if there's no answer for this question, then I'd just like to know how a trained professional soldier can't tell the difference between a telelens and an AK47. Because if he can't and he's got his index finger on a trigger, then who's going to protect humankind?

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