Monday, 19 April 2010

A déjà-vu poster

In March we had regional elections held in some parts of Italy (and I'm still in denial of the cruel fate awaiting Piemonte): barely the time to be glad elections posters are away from my sight that I'm busy reading once again about politics and votes. 
This time around though it's about the UK elections in May. I didn't follow the debate, but read some articles about it. In doing so I stumbled into this website:

It's an hilarious collection of Cameron posters spoofs.
It made me laugh, I bookmarked it and plan to visit often as I believe the 3 galleries they got are going to grow in number in the next few days.
It also made me remember the Berlusconi spoof we had over the past years: I went to look for some of them; I remember that before the past elections, I used to send and receive loads of this spoofs, not a single day would go by without at least 4 or 5 new posters. There were so many and became so popular that major newspaper held special sections to display them. Still today, if you just google for images with "manifesti Berlusconi", you won't find his own original posters, but the spoofs.
And, for fellow Italians: did you know about the existence of Berlusgoogle!?!?

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