Monday, 26 April 2010

the Spanish movie

Weather was too nice this weekend to go to the movie: with the sun setting down quite late and the sandals finally out, I couldn't really bring myself to go to a cinema.

This weekend was, however, the first time the film "Agora" by Alejandro Amenábar was in Italian theathers. Why did a 2009 movie take so long to be out? Well, somebody says because it was too expensive to be issued out in the Italian market, someboday says it's because it might have upset the Vatican, given the fact Christians don't come out as the "good guys" and there were some pressures to have it stopped, up to you to decide which version you like the best.

Anyway, I was thinking about Amenábar and how above mentioned Agora is way below the standard he got me used to since the first movie of him I watched. I tried to remember the title of this first movie: I remember I watched it by pure chance. It was the end of January, a freezing cold Sunday afternoon, I should have studied for an exam I had on Tuesday and after having spent 1 hour reading Mafalda strips and 1 hour chatting online I thought it was about time to be a sensible student: thus I switched the TV on. I ended up on RaiTre, broadcasting this thriller: it's about a student that, while making some researches, finds a snuff movie and discovers the victim was in her same Uni. A brilliant movie, my cellphone ringed towards the end and I jumped off the sofa with a mild heart attack going.

What's the name, what's the name... Easy: go on imdb. com and find it.
Ok, the title is "Tesis" and was made in 1996. While wondering if I could find it on DVD as I would like to see it once more, I started browsing through the imdb page and wow Amenábar does a lot of things: he's got credits as director, writer, producer, editor, actor, even composer! Talking about multitalent!
There was a section also for "Self" and "Thanks" and that's when I saw it, the reason for this whole post.

You know that kind of silly spoof movies that normally have Leslie Nielsen in it? There is one for every genre, from horror to teen comedy via action ("Scary Movie", "The Naked Gun" and way too many others). Well, today I discovered there is one for, mmmmh, "contemporary movies in Spanish Language and/or directed by Spanish directors". They went for an unexpected, original title: "Spanish Movie".

I was thinking about my Spanish friends, when I went to YouTube and digged this out for them:

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