Sunday, 16 May 2010


It happens every springtime: punctual like a Swiss train, I loose sleep. 
I don't know whether it's the impact of the change of season or some form of trick induced on my body by some evil subconscious part of the mind.
Not that I really care for the reason why in these days, as I am way too focused on the result at hand: I don't sleep, can't sleep, won't sleep.
(Note to self: get a new eye-bags concealer. ASAP!)

As I said, it happens every year: I remember being sleepless as a small child as well. It was quite annoying back then too. At the time, I shared the bedroom with my sister: it's a Sunday morning, some light is filtering through. The street we lived back then was quite noisy but no noise could be heard. It felt that even the loud bus number 75, that stopped just in front of our house, was in some sound-insulated bubble. The whole house was quiet and dark: my sister was sleeping, no sign of life is coming from my parents' bedroom either. On the other hand, I was wide awake, round eyes, by now well adjusted to darkness.
And it's 7 a.m.

The first few times it happened I woke up my parents, because I thought I was ill. They told me not to worry, I was only crazy, and sent me back to sleep. Only that I couldn't fall back asleep. I would lay in bed, try to close my eyes, count back from one hundred to zero as I read somewhere that most of the times people fall asleep before reaching the end of the countdown. No final countdown for me, and I would just toss around in the bed, getting more and more annoyed with the part of my brain that didn't want to turn off.

Since then things didn't change a lot. In these days, when sleep doesn't arrive, I do the same things I used to do back then: I lay in bed, count backwards several times, and then I just get up. I tip-toe to the kitchen, get some water or tea, then I try to distract myself by reading.

In the last week I went through more books than in the last 2 months. Only that I read any book I can lay my hands on. On Friday, as the peppermint was brewing, I read "Bugs Bunny and the giant carrot": well, read it again, as it's one of my childhood book that Sara is using to learn how to read. It's the story of how Bugs Bunny grows a giant carrot in order to win the giant carrot contest and by doing so starts having tender feelings for the carrot, up to the point of loving it as its own child. Then Bugs Bunny wins the contest and, being a rabbit, well, eats its own child to go on and have more children. When I was a kid, the story didn't have such a twisted prospective though.

Problem is that most of the times reading is not distracting enough. Insomnia makes me think a lot. By itself thinking is not such a bad thing, but the lack of sleep impacts on the level of quality of my thoughts.
To be sincere, I verge on complete, utter, blatant idiocy. And not only that, but I follow up on my moronic ideas during daytime!
On Wednesday night I went through the rules of 2 different fantasy rugby, because I thought it'd be nice to have our own Pack Sabaudo fantasy rugby for the next world championship. Clearly something my brain would normally struggle with, let alone at 3 in the morning!

One night I woke up at five and thought I could bake something for breakfast: I started reading a recipe book my mum got me for Christmas, a huge book about cookies and by the time I decided what to bake, i.e. lemon cookies, it was breakfast time already.

Normally I don't give up on my nights thinking. Yesterday I print out the rules of the fantasy rugby as I read better on paper than on screen. 
You may think cookies are not such a fool idea to have. Well, they are quite a brilliant and tasty idea, but become quite foolish when combined to a second idea: cookie cutters. I was sorting the cookie cutters and wondering why the shapes are always the same, flowers, teddy bears, stars... b-o-r-i-n-g.
Why couldn't I bake Tardis cookies? Well, a police box shouldn't be as hard to shape as, dunno, a flower or a fruit. In the very right moment I thought so, my eyes fell on the iPod and by looking at the logo I wondered if I couldn't shape an "apple-cookie-cutter" myself.

(Some reaserches on the web and not the right tools later...) 


Yes, I can shape an "apple-cookie-cutter" myself. It took me good part of Saturday afternoon, a huge migraine, some small cuts, several swearings, and the suspect that, with a better search, I could have fond somebody selling a much better looking cookie cutter.

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