Sunday, 9 May 2010

mom is not the word

Few days ago Francesca told me she wanted to get a small present for her mother since today is Mother's Day. I thought it was already gone, but that's because I was thinking about Mother's Day in UK, which is celebrated on a different day from Italy and, if you're curious, you can get a lenghty explanation of the reason on wikipedia.

My family never liked this type of celebration. Nothing upsets my dad as questions like: "What did your daughters get you for Father's Day?" or "Are you going to buy roses to your wife on Valentine's Day?".  
Same goes for my mother. 
"Any plans for Women's Day? Are you going to celebrate?"
"What the f*** is there to celebrate? The fact one woman can't walk alone and without fear in a street at night, the salary discrepancy between sexes, the absolute lack of real parity in careers?" would be her standard reply.

So no wonder it escaped my mind. Anyway, as I decided to bake some cookies (in Italian they're called Wien Cookies, not sure in English), I shaped some of them to look like this:

mom cookies

I showed them to my mother. 
"Oh, you made the WoW cookies!"
"They're not WoW cookies, they're MoM cookies, I baked them for Mother's Day."
"No, that is not an "M", it's a "W""
"Are you blind? Yes, you are, we both know that, look better: M-O-M"
"M's legs are straight, those are inclined, thus it's a W. Luckily it's your dad teaching Sara how to write and not you!"
"That's the weakest reasoning ever!"
"I'm your mother, I made you and I can unmake you. Now shut up and gimme that biscuit!"
(She likes to say that: in Italian it's "io ti ho fatta e io ti disfo" and she can sound and be very menacing when she says it).
"Mmmmh, happy mother's day? Ok, I shut up"
Nothing changed, Q.E.D.

So, if interested, here's the recipe for the MoM/WoW Wien cookies. It's the one I've learnt at the course of bakery/pastry held by Nanni and Romano.

300 gr flour
150 gr butter
40 gr of egg whites (around 1 egg white)
200 gr icing sugar
a pinch of salt
(2-3 spoons of bitter cocoa powder to add to half of the mix if you want to have chocolate cookies too)

Preheat the oven at 190° C.
Cream the butter and the icing sugar together and slowly pour in the egg whites (that don't have to beaten). Add the flour, salt and vanilla and mix until smooth. 
Line a tray with greaseproof paper. Then fill a piping bag (with a star nozzle) with the mix and squeeze it to form the desired shapes of the cookies.
Bake it for 15 minutes and leave it to cool on a wire rack.

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