Monday, 31 May 2010

somewhere over the weekend

Sometimes I wish I was stupid and selfish enough to live without a care. I can't, but there are moments when I just don't want to read, think and get upset. I just want to close the nasty world out and let the nice private small world have some time off.

And when I take a break, everything looks better, no matter what.
It might very well be because I've been spending the last 3 summers in rain and cold weather, but in the past days I've been suffering a little of low pressure, lower than my own feet if I have to rely on the messages my body has been sending to me recently. Even so I don't really care, as it's so nice to be able to be out and about with E.M. (ie Elaine Marley, ie my bike), enjoying the sunshine that filters through the green leaves of the trees alongside the avenues and boulevards of Torino.
Everything looks better when you have a quiet nice Saturday evening out with people you love. Nothing big or sensational, a quiet aperitif to say goodbye to  Vivi, as she's going away for 4 months: a drink, some food, chatting and laughing with some old friends, meeting new people, enjoying the wind breezing through. 

I sat with some friends on a bench in piazza Vittorio, one of the main town square, and just let my eyes roam around:  lots of cars speeding by, the lights of the church on the other side of the river, the Fibonacci string lit on the Mole Antonelliana.
There were family having an ice-cream, the girls with gravity-pull defying décolleté, teenagers that looked much older than I did back then... the wind breezing, the sound of laughters all around us. 

Torino has the power to make me feel so right in time and place sometimes.
So breathtankingly and painfully beautiful that makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. 

The weekend is over and somewhere over the weekend BP made a fool out of itself. Again. Top kill operation has been killed. So far we had the dome then, if I remember right, it was the turn of the syringe to fail. Now after top kill, it's time for the Lower Marine Riser Package. I can't wait to read how this one will (fail to) stop the leaking.

BP says that they're talking about lessons learnt. Mr Suttles have been speaking about it: "We have been unable to overcome the flow from the well, so we now believe it's time to move on to the next of our options".

Geez, if it's not a copy of a standard Hollywood couple splitting up declaration: "We have been unable to overcome the differences, so we now believe it's time to move on to the next of our options". (but we remain good friends).

I remember reading on some blogs about a disaster scenario that involved hurricanes and tornadoes hitting the Gulf with the oil leak still present. Now I think it could be a future possibility for BP to explore: have a tornado hitting the oil leak and whisk it all away. Now, I'm joking, but I fear that somebody is seriously thinking about it.

Seeing a major oil company such as BP keeping such a criminal and irresponsible behaviour in facing a major spill in a country like USA (ie a country that should make you watch your steps as you don't want to upset them) is somehow surprising however: as much as they do care only for profit, I thought they'd be slightly more "smart" to keep disasters like this away from the eyes of the rich, in area that can be easily forgotten once the tv is off (dunno, the Niger Delta region, perhaps?)

Meanwhile, back in Italy, tax increases and cuts on funds for the social welfare (almost 32 years on this planet and I still have to be surprised by any govern cutting taxes and increasing the funds of welfare); an article on the Guardian sums up pretty well what the latest law by Berlusconi is doing to democracy.

What else? Right! (yet another) Homophobic attack in Rome (a 22 year-old has been attacked by 4 men, with the result of almost loosing an eye).

We still don't know which part of the State colluded with mafia in order to kill the judges Falcone and Borsellino 18 years ago (will we ever?).

Business as usual, I'd say.

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