Sunday, 20 June 2010

a beam in the eye

Josè Saramago passed away on Friday. Not even the time for his body to be cremated that here comes the Vatican vultures.
The "Osservatore Romano" published an article by Claudio Toscano about the Portuguese Nobel Prize, penning him as an anti-relious ideologue and populist extremist and so on, in a very cruel and viciously satisfied tone.

José Saramago was very outspoken when it came to his atheism and him being a communist; he was not a slave of the powers and he never wrote at the service of any Communist (or other ideologically inspired) regime. He voiced his own belief as human being, felt a human connection with the poor and the victims of society and stood his ground against Vatican.
The last point being what bothered most Vatican entourage ultimately: oh, if we were only 200-300 years back in time, when they could have used their power to burn him alive on the public square!

It almost looks as if the newspaper just waited for him to die to publish the article. It made me sick.
No matter what his own ideas were and no matter whether one agrees or not, he's no more on this earth to reply to the attack (not that he would mind them that much). This is called being a coward.
What it's more disgusting is the lack of pietas, of compassion of the article, something that should be like a second skin for people that (say to) believe in Jesus.

In a moment in history where the Vatican should busy itself with a thorough exam of its own conscience and, at the same time, make sure that all the crimes are punished by the laws of the different countries where they were perpetrated, they seem so eager to lash on a dead man because he bothered the Church when he was alive.

Saramago once said that he respected the people that believed in Christ but had no respect for the Vatican. And how can one disagree with him?

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