Friday, 25 June 2010

Memories of love

I'm "slightly" hypochondriac, so no wonder if sometimes I worry a little about some minor aches.
Still, after yesterday evening, I started suspecting I got some severe kind of early dementia.
Something not so weird has been happening to me quite often recently.
Given that Torino is not such a huge city, it may happen I meet people I know by chance: most of the time I meet acquaintances, former schoolmates and colleagues.

The problem is that I don't recognize them. I look at them, think they look somewhat familiar, but can't place a name on the face. Then, after a while (that can go from 5-10 minutes up to 3 days), I remember who they are.

It happened yesterday too: it was St. John's Day, the patron saint of Torino, meaning that people are having a day off from work and in the evening there is a fireworks show in the city center. After the painful afternoon spent watching the football match, I went with some friends to Piazza Vittorio, crowded even more than the usual Friday evening happy hour and waited for the show to start.

As we were chatting and still talking about the match, I saw a guy not far from us. He looked familiar and for a while I tried to place him somewhere in my life: school? uni? work? 
I think he had my same impression, I saw a flicker of recognitin when our eye met. But the fireworks started and, even though they were not as nice as some other shows of the past, I was taken away by them and completely forgot the nameless guy. And I didn't think about him after, as my brain was sidetracked to the wonderful, amazing watermelon granita I got from Vasavasa.

This morning, while brushing the teeth, the iPod shuffled to "Dakota" by Stereophonics. The first few notes playing and then it all hit me.
He was not a colleague, we didn't attend any class together.
That was Luca.
And (many) years ago, I was completely head over heels for him, not just a tiny crush: I was in love with him. As any other teenager on this planet, I truly believed that he was the one-forever-and-ever.
It's quite a sweet and sad feeling.
I've been smiling the whole day thinking about it: how we were, what we've become and all the small memories; thinking of those sunny days, our promises, dreams, ideas, remembering what I was thinking, how I was feeling, the way life has changed and took me so faraway from where I thought I'd end up. Not that I'd would change anything, anyway.

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