Sunday, 20 June 2010

My World Cup Afternoon

This afternoon, I packed up a chocolate cake straight out of oven and went to Stefania's place to watch the match Italy "played" against New Zeland.
Using the verb "to play" to describe that pitiful and patethic display of pure rubbish that was the Italian team is already saying too much; I can just hope they improve in the next 4 days.
But I can't even say I watch the game that much.
44 minutes into the game and there was a problem with the main signal repeater center: all the Rai channels were not available due to a huge blackout in almost the entire Piemonte region.

The blackout continued for the whole second half and on. Needless to say, we were just one inch close to the civil war. Italians can stand to have the right to strike taken away from them (thanks to Fiat blackmailing), but heaven forbid they can't watch our National football team!
As for me and my friends, we managed to watch the second half online: a dozen people crammed over the display of a 13" MacBook, and we had to reload the page several times as there were some problems with the buffering (I guess it has to do with the huge increase of traffic on the website).
Now we are getting ready for Thursday's match: we're making sure to have a bigger computer monitor ready!

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  1. Went to Casa Italiana in Farringdon to watch the match after the Inter Club dinner. Needless to say the food and the company was good but the display put on by the azzurri was disappointing.
    It may have been better for all of us to have missed the second half.