Monday, 21 June 2010

One cherry leads to another...

In Italian we say "una ciliegia tira l'altra" meaning that one cherry leads to another: cherries are so good that you can't possibly have only one.
You need to get one more.
And another one.
And another one.
And why not taking one more?
Another cherry, what harm could there be in it?
Can you possibly die for eating too many cherries?
You could, but what a sweet way to go.

In case you haven't noticed I truly like cherries.
I wanted to take a photo of the cherries my mum got me today, so I put some of them in a white bowl, put the white bowl on the coffee table and shot some photos of the bowl.

That's the best I could come up with:


Anyway, I remember putting more cherries into the bowl. Wonder what happened to them...

una tira l'altra

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