Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Bright(on) Saturday

Weather forecast were right, so I had a really nice, bright and sunny Saturday.
I went with my friend Paul down to Brighton.
It's quite a quick journey down to the sea, about 45 minutes from Clapham, reason why, I've been told, many people commute from Brighton to London: London to work and get paid a London salary, and Brighton to enjoy life and relax.

postcard from another time

It's the 4th summer I'm spending in UK and that's been the first time I've got the chance to go to the seaside, the first time weather has kept up nicely and long enough to allow me to go there. Stepping on the train I felt as happy and impatient as when I used to go to Noli with my grandparents as a child. I had to refrain to ask: "Are we there yet?"

Stepping out at Brighton station, walking the way down to the Marina and yes, it still felt like being in Noli. Ok, Noli is hardly the GLBT capital of Italy, but the amusement arcade on the Pier, the family, the old couples, they all reminded me of the Noli of my childhood. Not to mention the shingle beach! I hated Noli's shingle beach, as it was very unconfortable and you can't build sand castle on it (doh!). Since then I never been to a shingle beach until yesterday: Brighton has just that type of beach.
It has different styles of the same kind of beach: award-winning, common one, non dog friendly, dog friendly... What about the cats?!?
And furthermore, years passed by, but I still can't stand shingle beaches.

award winning beach

The day went on quickly and happily, with some time for shoe shopping too! ^_^

I kept looking at the horizon, amazed by the fact that yes, it was sunny, it was quite warm and i could smell salt in the air I was breathing.

The West Pier

Given such a glorious, wonderful, sunny, British summer, given the fact I was on the sea, I had no chance but gather up all my courage and go for it! Took the sandals out and...

piedi a mollo

Here I am! With my big feet into the water! When water reached the midcalf, however, I beat a hasty retreat to avoid hypothermia!

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