Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dress (and) code

Woke up this morning and sun was shining over a nice blue sky.
The air was quite warm too.
It really felt summer, so hey why not? Got my dark blue cotton dress, put it on and went to work.

I forgot where I work. There is a universally acknowledged dress code when it comes to IT companies.
I'm quite aware of what people normally wear and if somebody is wearing something smarter than usual I immediately think: "ah ah, he's up for an interwiev!" Well, unless the person is David: he sports business casual outfit to have people looking at the way he's dressed and not paying attention at his post-very-heavy-hangover face.

T-shirt: ok.
Jeans: fine.
Dress: sorry madame, but no.
Wearing a dress is so no IT-geeky dress code.

I think I started suspecting it when people in the office made me notice that I look too nice to work here. Now I live in fear of having given the managers a good excuse to fire me!

Over the morning I have had people coming over asking me what's the special occasion and so on.
The best one has been Lloyd. We were having a coffee together when he, as charming as not so many gentlemen on this planet can be, told me: "So, you look very feminine this morning. How come?"
Ehm, right. Smooth. Let's take it as a compliment, shall we?


  1. Well, Virgi, you just look so beautiful today that we couldn't help but notice and comment.

    You know you only wore jeans and trainers before when you were here so we didn't expect it.

    Sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable though. x

  2. I didn't feel uncomfortable, well aside for the "feminine" comment.
    I was more surprised than else. Truth is the past summer were so bad that I barely wore anything short sleeve, let alone dresses! :-D

    On the other hand, it's nice to receive compliments, a famous Italian dj used to call them "the massage of the ego", I quite like that!