Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Feeling loved

Yesterday I was a bit of E.T.
Less normal than usual, plus I phoned home too.
Well, I video-called home via Skype. 
There was a nice surprise waiting for me: the whole tribe was there; not only mum and dad, but also Adri and family stayed over because they knew I was going to call. They were all there, trying to fit in the web-cam framing and say hi. It's such a nice, heart-warming feeling, to know you're loved.

Davide has learnt more words, that he likes to pronounce using a very dramatic tone, so none of his sentence is complete without an initial "oh, no!" or an ending "what a thing!".

Sara had a special request for me: "Auntie, can you ask the Queen to let you come back soon?"

What can you do when a 5-year-old devil in disguise tells you such a thing? Nothing, you just let your heart melt on the spot.

"Well, honey not sure whether I can ask the Queen about me visiting Torino, but I'll try my best."
"Good, because I want to play with your iPod: can you bring it with you and leave it here with me?"
"That's all? Nothing else?!?!"
"No. Oh no, wait! Can you tell grandpa how to play on the computer with Tinkerbell, he doesn't know how to create the fairies... Gotta go, there's Postman Pat on Rai YoYo. Bye!"

And she was gone, leaving me speechless as she usually does.

Yep, nothing's better than feeling loved! :-D


  1. Now listen, you should NOT feel unloved because we all love you at Southwood! If you need some kind words from a friend, just come over to my desk. Really, V, you don't know how much we missed you while you were gone. You are very much loved.

  2. A friend suggested me the possibility of my family "using" the kids to make me go back back to Italy. Now, as much as I believe my parents very well capable of that, I also think they're kind of resigned to me not going be back anytime soon. Kids can be quite brutal in expressing their desire. As adults, I think we're not used to that straight-to-the-point, punch-in-the-face honesty kids under 5 have.
    I was shocked when my niece said that, but now I feel a warm feeling at the memory, as I felt I skyped the Little Prince. I cherish this memory: she's growing up so fast and way too soon this candid, innocent approach to life will be lost.