Monday, 5 July 2010

A mug's life

Every time I pack a suitcase I forget something back home.
Normally it's the toothbrush and/or the toothpaste.
Or the the electricity plug adapter.

I was quite sure it didn't happen this time. I truly felt confident about it. And smug too.
On the plane to London, I was listening to an Italian song, "Tenera è la notte", quietly singing it by myself: "Tender is the night, waiting on the sofa for hot cocoa and cookies to dunk in it".

And that's when I realized it.
I knew it!
I knew I was going to forget something!

My mug! I forgot my mug in Italy. Oh yes, I know, I know, it's not as if England is any short of mugs but it's my mug!!!
This is my mug. There are many like it but this one is mine. My mug is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my mug is useless. Without my mug I am useless.

Let me explain you.
"Virginia" doesn't fall under the category of popular and widely used names in Italy.
As a child, all my friends and schoolmates would have pens with their names on. Or key rings. Or bracelet and necklaces. They had no problems in finding them in the shops. On the other hand the closest I could get were Virgilio and Vittoria. And no matter what some old aunts told me, Vittoria is not the same as Virginia!

The first time I got a pen with my name on it, I was 17 and on holiday in England. I found a pen (quite dusty and old, I might add) and I immediately bought it. The ink was a cheap and washed blue that would smear all over the paper and my hand, making me look as a 5 year-old kid beginning to learn how to write. It didn't matter though: I kept using it because of the name on it.
Before getting something else, 10 years passed by: my mum found a keyring with a cute panda and my name on it and since then I've been using it to keep the office key and usb pen together.

Three years later, my team at work got as Christmas present a personalized mug: the team logo on one side and our own name on the other part of the mug.
Because of some misunderstanding in the order form I ended up not with one single mug, but with two!
Two mugs with my name on it! I felt like a child on Christmas day as now I could take one mug home and keep using the other one at work.

Now, after moving back to Italy and getting ready to move once more to England, I had decided to keep one "Virgi-mug" in Torino and bring the other one with me.
I put it in the list, I remember I reminded myself to take it off from the shelf, checked it off the list, but I don't remember putting the mug into the suitcase. And that's because I didn't! I moved it from the cupboard to the desk and left it there.

Now, I will need to get a mug, but not with my name on it. Damn...

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