Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday knowledge

On Saturday I went to look for a pair of jeans and ended up buying some T-shirts and a set of cookie cutters. Yesterday I was on the hunt for shoes and bought a pair of jeans.
Shoe shopping is hard and requires commitment: weather however was too nice to waste it inside shops.
So, after a short while, I gave up and went to St. James's Park: I met up with Robert and Lloyd and spent the remaining part of the afternoon, lying in the park, enjoying the sun and chatting. When we grew tired of resting in the park, we took a walk over the other side of the river, to a pub close to Waterloo and chat a little longer over some Pimm's.

Basically I didn't do much over the week-end or so it would seem.
However, I went back home feeling I've learnt a lot. 
It just a matter of defining "knowledge". While playing a Trivial Pursuit video-game, the comment I usually ended up with was: "the amount of useless information you know is amazing".

I find it quite fitting to the things I happen to learn and know and from yesterday I can add some other good, interesting but not-quite-useful-at-least-for-now-but-who-knows-in-the-future info. 
For example, there is a difference between unicycling and monocycling, which is not only depending on meaning differences between British English and American English.

I've discovered that stealing bike is very common in Japan. Yet, knowing the pain of having my beloved bike taken away from me so well, I won't use this method to get myself a cycle, but just look for a used one, possibly not stolen (and this cuts out about 99.9% of the ads on gumtree, damn it).
Big  Ben is only the name of the bell, but the tower's name is "Clock Tower of St Stephens" and this is not as useless as the rest as I can use it next time somebody comes to visit me in the UK and I can show off some in-depth knowledge of the London landmarks.

I also discovered a website launched by Nick Clegg and the government, called "Your Freedom": it allows people to have their saying about laws that should be repealed, laws that needs to be changed because they're restricting the citizens' liberties and so on. Most of the proposal are about drugs, cannabis and magic mushrooms, smoking bans and speed limits.
There is a fair share of proposal about getting rid of EU laws, ça va sans dire.
However I think some other proposal are worth considering too, like the legalizing flying kite proposal or the one for removing the ban on right hand sidecars.

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