Monday, 9 August 2010

chili and (no) regret

Iwan went to Chili Fiesta on Friday and brought me a souvenir.
A small packet from Cocoa Loco, with a cookie and a chili, a chili dipped into chocolate and glazed to look as a shirt.

I looked at the packet and I knew I had to take a picture. But then first I needed to get a coffee, then there was a meeting, then I met a friend on the way back to the desk, but I also noticed I had to get some more water... so by the time I finally got back to the desk and sit in front of the packet, the photo was not the first thing on my mind.
That chili, on the other hand...

I mean, come on! A lovely, chubby, red chili staring at me, looking me with that "please, eat me!" look, what do you expected me to do? Take a picture?
No, I just took a bite, then another one and then I finished it off.

I regret it a litthe, that when I took the picture, it just didn't looked as nice as it was at the beginning.

But that's just a tiny little regret, that will soon be forgotten... Just as if you have the best hazelnut cake of the world and you have too much of it. Quite possibly you'll feel sick afterwards, but damn it, wasn't it worth the stomach ache?

So, does it really really matter that I have no picture to show you how cute the chili looked liked at the beginning? 
It was sooo good that I just need to find a way to get another one, and maybe another as back-up, to take the picture...

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