Friday, 13 August 2010

It's Friday I'm in love

Is it raining? Or is the sun shining high above?
I don't care, I'm walking on cloud nine as I'm typing.

"I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday I'm in love."

It took me a while, I had to go through some disappointments, scrolling many web pages, sending mails and making calls, but at the end I found her... my new bicycle!

No spelling mistakes or mirror translation from Italian. My bicycle is definitely a lady, very sophisticated one, perhaps old-fashioned, but with a defined persona.
She's beautiful, ça va sans dire. Classic ladies model, 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears, aluminum wheel rims, dark green... Have I already remarked that she's beautiful? Well she is, and I love her. A lot.
Her name is Voodoo Lady.

Yes, another bicycle named after a character from Monkey Island... nothing wrong with it, right?

I still need to raise the saddle a little bit and fix the lights, but the rest is ready to cycle.
I cycled to the station this morning and it felt just so right even the boredom of Maybury Road was swept away by Voodoo Lady's wheels.

The sense of freedom I get by feeling the wind on my face, the pressure on the pedals, the grip of the brakes, the already familiar noises of the bike, they are just priceless.
I parked her inside the station, as there's a covered shelter, and crossed the bridge to get to the other platform.

And there it started. That familiar pang in my heart.
That mixed sweet feeling of longing and concern.
Oh Voodoo Lady, why did I have to leave you there? Do you miss me? Because I do miss you, a lot!

I imagine her, there at the station, surrounded by many bicycles, but more beautiful and precious than all the others, to my eyes at least.

Will it rain? Oh yes, it will rain! Are you covered enough by the shelter?

And then the panic hits. Will the locket be enough???
Will somebody look at your shining frame and try to steal you? Oi! Get your filthy hands off her, that's my bike sir!

Then the thoughts wander away to less worrying and more peaceful topics... Voodoo Lady needs a bike-bell and I have to make sure she gets a nice one this weekend.


  1. Oh, I thought you were going to say you'd fallen in love with Scott. I saw you going to tea with him, and I thought maybe he'd won you over.

    but no, it's just a bike.

  2. Gulp! Gosh! Quack! No!

    Moreover it's not "JUST" a bike, it's my beautiful and beloved Voodoo Lady... :-)

  3. Gradico andare in bicicletta anche! La mia bici e' rossa come una mela, ma e' un "ragazzo" e' si chiama "Ed"!

    Sono felice che hai comprato "La Signora Voodoo!"

  4. Ciao Brenda, come vanno le lezioni di italiano?
    Sono contenta anche io di Voodoo Lady, è una bici fantastica!