Saturday, 14 August 2010

A study in pink

This is not about the first episode of the BBC series Sherlock (that, anyway, I really enjoyed so that now I'm waiting for the second series).

My first iPod mini was a nice shade of pink.

old skool

Not too washed out, not too bright, the colour was one extra point scored by the iPod: resistant, good battery life, definitely such a different experience from the CD and MP3 players I had used since then. I like it so much that when I upgraded to an iPod, I refused to let it go and kept using it for travelling (I still use it).
Also my father liked it and when the iPod mini was upgraded and I got him a green one at Christmas for a good price, he complained with me. 
No, let me rephrase that: he whined! Like a spoiled baby, he told me he wanted my iPod, because he thought the pink tone was really good. I like to think of myself as a good daughter, but hey, I'm not a moron, so I told him to keep the green one and stop it.

Since then, something changed. I started to notice it in Motorola: they started shipping Pink V3 Razr for testing. The problem to me was that the pink was a bit too much on the "punch in the eye" side of pinkness.

As it happens often, I didn't know I was living a defining moment in history. I didn't know that I was witnessing the beginning of a new trend in technology and gadgets: the era of the color-blind designers and chavvy consumers.

No, really, there is no other logical, rational explanation for what has been going on in the past few years.
Gold, LSD-allucination induced pink, acid green, neptunian blue, dead parrot yellow, the whole rainbow has been re-invented.
Mobiles, cars, cameras have been thrown in pools of blinding colors and delivered to the shops, where people have been queing to get the right one that would match their bling bling.

Until few days ago, I still hoped and thought that some area were saved from this madness. Like the DSLR: who would be so mental to deep a DSLR in bright pink? Uhm, apparently I've been living in denial, as somebody at Pentax had done it in the past. More than once.
I wonder if it's the same somebody that managed to choose the remaining outrageously horrid colors...

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