Friday, 10 September 2010

The Alfonso Muffin

I am normally not a mean person.
Evil? Hell yeah!
Uncaring for other people's feelings? Not on purpose and intentionally, but it does happen.
Mean? No, not really.
Still, there are moment when,  in a very Tom & Jerry style, a small devil Virgi pops up and sits on my shoulder, silencing the small angel Virgi.
If somebody, moreover helps the devil, then it gets so easy to play trick on people.

So, this week I brought in some strudel for my colleagues and one of the Spanish guy, Alfonso, didn't want it.
I already knew it was going to happen, as he loathes raisins and I've added a quite generous portion to the strudel.
Last time I used raisins in a cake, I somehow managed to get him a slice of it with not so many raisins... and he still took some time to remove the few ones still in the slice! Talk about dedication to the cause!
He asked me if there was strudel in the strudel, and I was quick in reassuring him that yes, my strudel was stuffed with strudel down to the last bite.
He asked me about the raisins and once more I could give him a positive answer: I looked at the strudel at my desk and yes! I could positively say there were raisins in it. Lots of raisins.
He came over my desk in the afternoon, to double check that I was telling the truth. He strutted away, mumbling something on the line of "unconceivable".
That's when the idea started to form. 

One or two days later, I was discussing the Raisingate with Alfonso and Robert and the idea got into better shape, I only needed few minutes of chatting later on with Robert to make up my mind.

So that's what I did.
Yesterday I browsed into the Gnam folder (I'm so going to put order into it... sooner or later, maybe not tonight, as it's late already, another day perhaps) and found a recipe for chocolate and coffee muffin.

I took the ingredients:

250 gr flour
30 gr cornflour
150 gr sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 small cup of espresso
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 pinch of salt
120 gr melted butter
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
120 gr burro fuso
2 eggs
200 gr milk
4-5 drops vanilla extract
50 gr roughly chopped dark chocolate

And added this:
1 generous handful of raisins

Oh yes, I took the raisins, soaked them into water, and then chopped them so they would look roughly like chopped chocolate.
In the meantime, I had sifted the flour and cornflour and mixed them with the sugar, the cocoa powder, the baking powder, the cinnamon and a pinch of salt.

I melted the butter and beat it with the eggs, then i added the milk, the coffee and the vanilla extract. I slowly added the flour mix to the butter mix and then added the chopped chocolate and raisins.
I lined a muffin tray with paper muffin case, poured 2-3 generous tablespoons of mixture into each one of them and then baked them at 170°C for about 20 minutes.

I took them out of the oven and let them coold down.
I had a closer look this morning and, judging from the outside, one couldn't tell they contained raisins.

The Alfonso Muffin

By just looking at them, it was obvious these muffins needed a name!
So I penned them "The Muffin Alfonso" and made a label before going to have a coffee with Alfonso: 

Obviously, in this country, there's no way one can get away without some health and safety warning, no matter how poorly visible it can be:

I showed the label to Alfonso; I showed the label to Alfonso after he ate a whole muffin, obviously. He didn't believe I actually did it. Naive.
Some of my colleagues said I'm evil: I was not used to so many compliments in a single day anymore! Too kind of them, I don't deserve them, especially after I kind of promised/reassured Alfonso I won't do it again...

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