Monday, 27 September 2010

Like milk for hot chocolate

Last weekend, Lloyd and I went to an Italian bar on the Southbank.
I had a coffee while he decided to go for an hot chocolate.
When he ordered it, the waiter asked Lloyd whether he wanted milk or not. He automatically replied no, but as soon as the waiters left we started wondering what it was all about.
At the end, the hot chocolate is made with milk, so why asking if one wants milk in it?!?
He was a bit apprehensive his hot chocolate might turn out to be one of those liquid Cadbury beverage that are so common around here. But the worry was soon to be forgotten: the waiter was back with a dark, thick hot chocolate.

I forgot about it completely, until I stepped back in the same bar yesterday.
Rainy, dark, cold and damp Sunday afternoon calls for a hot chocolate.

I ordered mine and once more the waitress asked the "with milk?" question. 
"Just chocolate, nothing else, thank you".
Robert ordered his chocolate with rum and perhaps that's the reason why he wasn't asked.

As weird as it looked, I would have probably forgotten once more, if the girl sitting at the table next to us hadn't ordered a hot chocolate. With milk.

Then everything become clear. In the moment I saw the small black jug filled with milk, a sense of dread and doom started creeping on my spine.

Everything got colder, and time stood almost still, in a Matrix-esque way, when she took the small jug off the table and poured the milk. 
She poured the whole jug of milk into the hot chocolate cup, so that the perfect black, thick, creamy chocolate turned in a washed cocoa flavored drink. And she just drank it as it was a latte, gulped it down as nesquick, then once in a while, shot me weird look because I was using the spoon to pick the hot chocolate from the cup: you might have 3 months worth of my salary in dresses and act as everybody was below you, but I'm not going to use a straw to drink my hot chocolate!

Yuck! How can somebody in his/her right mind do something so atrocious and barbaric? How can such a crime against taste and chocolate go unpunished?!?!

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