Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Today's big fail: common sense

I live a life of habit.
I wake up. And this is already quite an achievement.
I get up. And I could already call it a day here.

But then I go on with normal stuff, shower, breakfast, train station, train, shuttlebus, office, etc. etc.

Today, however, my routine stopped at Farnborough train station. Or, I'd rather say, it was stopped. By what? By the complete lack of common sense this country is able to display.

In front of the train station there are 4 stands: 3 stands for buses and to let cars pass by for quick drop off/on and one for the taxis.
The bus stands are used by the many bus services of the area, many  like the shuttle bus I take, connecting the station to the many offices in the middle of nowhere (i.e. the whole Farnborough area).
However today when my shuttlebus arrived, the driver stopped midway.
Why? I couldn't see the logic at all! He was there, in the middle of the street with a quite long queue of cars starting to form.

Two stands were absolutely empty, while the third one was packed with bus, minibus and small vans.

After 5 minutes of waiting, the queue on the 3 bus stand finally moved so I could "finally" get on the the bus and find how what was going on.
A bus company "bought" 2 of the stands for one of their route so now it's the only one entitled to use them, while all the other companies will have to share the 3rd stand.
An officer (SW Trains, police?) has been patrolling out of the station to tell bus and car drivers to not use the lanes.

I've checked the company website to have a look at the time table. 
One bus each direction, running every 15 minutes.
8 bus an hour.
And they need 2 stands all for themselves!

I just fail to see the common sense in that, but at least I wonder about it.
Unlike anybody who thought that buying/selling the exclusive usage of bus stands was a good and sensible idea.


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