Saturday, 9 October 2010

It's 2 in the afternoon. I'm walking on the way to gate #104 at Gatwick Airport to board on the flight to Turin.
From behind I can hear some Italian men approaching, talking loudly in a heavy Vercelli accent.

"Have you seen Anna, the Polish girl?!? She looked so fat, she told me she has put on 2 kilos! More like 20 to me. I told her to stop eating and fast if she doesn't want to turn into a fat ugly cow!"

I'm walking slowly, I'm in no hurry, so they quickly catch up with me.

"Yeah, but she's nice anyway, always saying hi and smiling...."
"Oh, you're right, she's just not like all those fu**ing Italian women. They're just w****s, wanting this and that! Let me tell you, all Italian women are just like that: plain cheap w****s!"

I catch up with them at the gate, just my luck they're on the same plane and they're still trashing half of human kind.

I feel like saying something, but what? how? why?

"Oh my God! 2 kilos going on 20?!?! that's pretty much the same weight of each one of your love handles!"

"I'm sorry, I thought you were George Clooney! No, hang on, Brad Pitt? Matt Damon perhaps? Oh no, wait, you're just an average ugly looking fat middle-age HomerSimpsonesque figure that probably is pitied by Anna, the Polish girl."

Or I could point out that, I may not know a lot about them but, given their previous statements, I can easily say whom they are sons of.

But I don't. I isolate myself from their disgusting world, and finish reading "Sophie's World". 
I'm just too tired for this kind of bullshit. I don't have the force nor the patience to get upset about them. Life is too short to be wasted on such worthless people.
However part of me is still very saddened and almost hurt by that words. It makes me sad to think that in 2010 in our so-called modern society people like that go on feeling they own the world and the right to criticize any woman just because they're men. Or better: because they have a male DNA, as being a man requires some qualities they haven't got.


  1. Ma, Virginia! Non devo dirti che le donne parlano di gli uomini anche!? "E' grosso. E' stupido.' E' pigro! Non ha buon lavoro, non guadagna molti soldi!" E' la cosa piu' crudele: "Ha un piccolo pene!":):) E' la battaglia eterna dei sessi...

  2. i guess everybody does, but not aloud in an airport. That's what really upset me: they shouted insults in Italian relying on the fact English were not going to understand them, but not caring whether Italian women could hear them (and given we were on a flight towards Italy there were plenty of them). I could have done the same, shouting in Italian in the middle of Gatwick "gli uomini di affari di mezza età italiani sono delle seghe impotenti", but how sad it would have been? (albeit true, in the case of the 3 business men I'm talking about here :-D)

  3. Capisco! Non e' gentile gridare in pubblico, neppure circa il tempo! "Gli tre impotente" erano fortunati, che sei gentile!