Thursday, 28 October 2010

Strict Joy

Yang once said that life is just like a chest of drawers, all the drawers are open and there's a bit of mess in each one of them. What we have to do is put in order in the drawers in the way and time we find more fitting for us and then close them.
Not sure if I completely agree with this way of viewing life, but I always liked this idea of granting ourselves a time for each thing in life. A bit like saying there is a time for everything, so no point in rushing or postponing, because if something has to happen, it will.

Fatalistic? Perhaps, but yesterday evening, when the Swell Season got on the stage at the Royal Festival Hall and started the gig with "Feeling the pull", I remembered how gutted and sad I felt when I got chickenpox in February and had to give up the ticket for their concert in Milan.
And, even though I still feel slightly sad about it, I think yesterday show made up for it. It was as if destiny and kids' disease have paid back a debt to me.

It was amazing. The opening act was Norwegian Ingrid Olava and I need to get her album soon. 
The Swell Season put on a wonderful show: a bit from "Once", my favorite Hare's Corner track, a bit from "Strict Joy", Van Morrison and some good old tunes from the Frames (which I'm going to see in December! Yeah!).

It's the second time in few weeks I go to RFH for a concert and once more I was puzzled by the people arriving 30 mins late and leaving 10 mins before the end, the beer and loo breaks and so on. It's becoming a familiar view though, so I think some other gigs like this and I'll be completely used to it.
Still, pretty much like with Wilco, the energy of the band made up for this weird behaviors around me. The passion Glen Hansard has when he sings is amazing and 20 years of busking make him a great entertainer, so when the concert was over I was slightly disappointed: "No! Please one more song! Don't go!"
Just as it happened with Wilco.

I don't know which concert I enjoyed the most. After all, asking me whether I prefer Wilco or The Swell Season, it's like asking anybody whether they love their mum or dad more.

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