Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Getting into the mood for Christmas

From the moment Halloween was over every single shop, supermarket, newspaper and street has turned into a huge commercial for the celebration of the biggest event of the consumer society: Christmas.
As a non-Catholic kid in a Catholic country I used to love Christmas: I'd get toys and books, days off from school and didn't even have to go and freeze in a church for the midnight mass.
Growing up and moving abroad I kept on liking Christmas: it's the best moment in the year to meet friends and relatives, enjoy some time with my closer family, get books and days off from work, and I still don't have to go and freeze in a church for the midnight mass.

Still, there are things I find unnerving: this all-around push to spend spend spend, buy tons of Christmas cards to give to colleagues you haven't barely spoken to the whole year, spend some more and, just to balance out all this spending for our own egotistical selves, spend some money in charity.
Ah, nothing like charity to get me in a very Christmas-y mood and make me feel like Ebenezer Scrooge!

I hate receiving junk mail from charities in the post box or hearing ads at the radio. Apparently with just 3£ a month one can save a child, but I wonder whether the child is always the same over and over, as the situation around the world hasn't improved a lot. Or so it seems.

Yesterday evening, on the way to the supermarket, just out of Clapham Junction, one of this charity promoters stopped me.
"Can you spare 20 seconds to help the world, madam?"
Madam!?!? Do I look as old as your granny? 
A look on the jacket and badge were enough to have the perfect answer for that.
Christian Aid.

"Nope, as a Satanist, I have no seconds to spare".
Ah, now it feels like Christmas!

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