Friday, 19 November 2010

in the winding way

As a child, I was amazed at how easily most of my schoolmates and friends were able to tell immediately the horoscope sign of a person when told of the birth date. To me it was astonishing: how on earth are they able to memorize the signs? How could they tell whether you're a Virgo or a Scorpion, just by the birthday???
I couldn't do it and no matter how hard I tried to memorize the beginning and ending dates of each astrological sign, I would just forget the whole lot in few minutes. I just knew I was a Cancer and my sister a Virgo, the maximum achievement on the topic was to learn my dad and mum signs. 

It's got nothing to do with believing in the horoscope, but when you're a kid everything that you can't do can be used against you as a way to taunt you... so I was not particularly keen on having also this deficiency added to the already way too long list.

Then when you grow up, horoscope becomes one of those generic empty topic you can use when you grow tired of talking about the weather (the mere concept might be inconceivable to the Britons, but trust me, you do get tired of talking about the weather), but because I never remembered the signs of my friends and had to ask over and over, I looked as somebody with some attention deficit disorder.

Did this stop me from reading the horoscope? Way not, since I started reading Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. It gets translated on Internazionale, one of my favourite magazines. I like the positive vibes I get from it; no matter how bad things can be, the horoscope cheers me up. I read it sign after sign, without really paying attention to the signs. Who cares if it's for an Aries or a Pisces? It makes me feel a bit more positive about myself, the human kind and the future, and that's the only important thing I need to know about it.

Last week, however, I had to smile a little when I read this:

"My friend Ariel's six-year-old daughter Juno doesn't understand why anyone would build streets that run in a straight line. Isn't it more fun if the highways and byways are crooked and curvy? Shouldn't people want to get to where they're going by veering this way and that, relishing the playful twists and turns? That's where the best action is, says Juno, and I agree: in the tweak, in the twirl, in the winding way -- not in the beeline route that leaves no room for improvisation. That's especially true for you right now, my fellow Cancerian."

Hey I'm a Cancer! And it makes sense to me! In the past few weeks (should I say months?) many things haven't been smooth or easy. Yet they've been great, funny, illuminating and a nice journey of self-discovery. It may seems that not a lot have changed, but it did. I changed, I might even say I got slightly wiser, even though less forgiving (I'm running out of patience, hey, nobody's perfect!). 
Sometimes it looks that the winding way is not the right one, because of all the twists and because you can't see what's really waiting for you after a bend; one might wish to have taken the straight highway instead. But when you stop for a short break and look back, what do you see in an highway? And which view can you admire instead in a smaller road?

Many other things are going to change in the next future, but I think that, no matter what, I'll stay on the crooked and curved way for a little longer. 

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  1. I love Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology... and my favourite magazine is Internazionale!