Thursday, 25 November 2010

On this day...

Days like today always leave me with a sour feeling of disillusionment, a "so what?" that keeps hanging around the many other thoughts, without any hope to find a good answer for that.

U.N. decided some years ago that November 25th was to the the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women".
I feel so much safer now.

After all, since there's this international day and politicians all around the world are making some pro-forma speech about violence against women, I won't have to worry next time I have to walk home by myself at night (or morning, afternoon, evening...). Nor I will have to mind about the possibility the clothes I choose to wear might be considered a justification or invitation for an assault. And will not have to make sure to sit close to the driver if I take a night bus, hoping this will somewhat protect me for harassment.

If you go and read the U.N. resolution, you'll find that the U.N. "invites, as appropriate, Governments, the relevant agencies, bodies, funds and programmes of the United Nations system, and other international organizations and non-governmental organizations, to organize on that day activities designed to raise public awareness of the problem of violence against women."

Basically, they're not talking about putting an end to the violence and jailing for some good years violent men, i.e. the root cause. No, no. they have to raise awareness of the problem.
Oh, what a relief! I can imagine that if they succeed in the scope, any rapist will probably deliver a nice speech stating of how aware is he of the problem of violence against women.

And after all, what else can I expect to happen when people such as Berlusconi are assigned with this task? I can't expect nothing but void words and articles on newspaper that have been probably automatically generated (or recycled from last year edition), while hoping, as usual, the lamp posts will all be on tonight on the way back home...

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