Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Slippery rail condition

Oh it's once more that time of the year.
The time when you start receiving invites for Christmas party/lunch/dinner/get together/drinks.
The time when the supermarkets explode in a joyful blaze of 3x2 offers, packs of at least 100 Christmas cards, party poppers etc. etc.
The time when you start to see way too sparkling cocktail dress for the above mentioned Christmas parties (are you insane??? Got any idea of how effing cold is going to be in THAT dress at THIS time of the year?!?).

But above all, it's time to feel again just like Bristow.
As a kid reading Bristow strips, I always thought that "leaves on tracks" was a brilliant joke.
Not anymore.
Definitely not yesterday evening, nor this morning, waiting for yet another delayed train.
"Bla bla bla, the train some other bla bla bla... delayed... bla bla ... due to slippery rail condition"


It's UK, damn, it rains on average every 1.5 hours, how do you expect the rail tracks to be??? Dry, by any chance?!?! 
Should we put some glue on the tracks so the trains don't slip on them? No risk of them getting stuck, as they're always late anyway.

I could understand problem of this sort in the eve of the industrial revolution. I could understand leaves being a risk in 19th century, but in 2010?

What really escapes my understanding is: How is this possible that this country, that once was an empire, that once used to own a quarter of the whole globe, manages to crash and comes to a complete stop at the first snowflake or rain? 

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