Monday, 29 November 2010

Things I don't understand

There are some random stuff happening around me that leave me quite puzzled at the moment. Big and small questions that fill the voids of boredom of my everyday emmenthal-shaped life.
Things like the salt at Clapham Junction. Ok, you need to spread salt to avoid ice to form overnight, but why some platform have become a white blanket, but yesterday I was about to slide for the whole length of another platform?
And still talking about the station, why do I keep left as asked? Just to let people bumb into me, apologizing for the blow even before the impact?
I've been ill for the whole weekend and now I'm basic with no voice left.
A colleague told me that when I'm sick I get this "fairy-like", delicate voice. I don't understand! Am I not normally like that?

And then there is all this wikileaks talking: reactions from different country governments (and for once the Italian one is not the only one looking like an helpless bunch of idiot), analysts and of course journalists, outraged at the danger posed by all these documents going on line. I read a little bit of it but I still can't understand, in random order, some things such as:
1. What's new in it? Aside that they're stating black on white something most of people already knew.
2. Shouldn't they be blaming themselves? I mean, if you're so stupid to write something down and not take care it gets leaked, then just face the consequences. Yet again, it's nothing new.
3. But above all, why are the newspapers covering the story with so much interest and details? Isn't this going and uncover the truth supposed to be their job? 

I still have to decide whether it's more depressing reading about the political reactions on Italian or English newspapers, but on the other hand, it's good to know that some questions get answered.
For example, have you ever wondered what could happen if you embarked on a potato-only diet for, say, 20 years? Well, you can check BBC website for the answer.

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