Thursday, 4 November 2010

welcome to the jungle

It's all my fault, really. And I'm ready to take full responsibility for that.
Few months ago, I didn't pay attention at where I had left my camera... too close to Davide's tiny, chubby, cute, lethal hand.
One of his lovely fist grabbed it and, no matter the hidden lizard crouching turtle move I couldn't avoid for the lens, the Sigma 17-70, to hit the ground.

It looked as if everything was ok, broken filter aside. But it was only the beginning of a slow and painful agony. The doubts started to get more and more concrete while snapping pics around Krakow.
The harsh reality hit me straight in the face while looking at the picture on the screen yesterday evening.

The auto-focus is no more.
I need to find a new lens.
I need to choose which lens I want.

I need to step back into the forums and reviews websites jungle.


  1. Hi Virginia,

    This is the lens I used some time ago, excellent quality and nice price. Chek it out!

  2. looks promising... any links with specs and price? :-P