Thursday, 16 December 2010

The helpdesk

British Airways customer centre, few days to Christmas...
Telephones are ringing, servers are receiveing mails...
Names have been changed to protect the innocents.

Operator A: "So, operator B, any plans for tonight? Should we go and get one pint or two?"
Operator B: "Not sure, operator A, we got work to do tomorrow. Moreover..."
Operator A: "What's wrong, operator B?!? Jeez, you look so pale!!! Are you alright?"
Operator B: "Oh no, oh no, oh my god, please no!!!"
Operator A: "What?!?! What?!?!"
Operator B: "She's back!"
Operator A: "Who's she?"
Operator B: "Remember the weird girl? The one that last year wanted to know whether she could board on one of our planes bringing a cactus?"
Operator A: "Oh gosh, yeah, I remember her. Is she back? A different type of cactus this time?"
Operator B: "No, she didn't mention any cactus this time around, but wants to knit on board and wants to know if she can bring her circular needles in the hand luggage..."
Operator A: "So, about that pint..."
Operator B: "Forget the pint, let's have whisky..."

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