Tuesday, 14 December 2010

a house that is a home

Robert, Enric and I are finally settled into our new flat. It took us some time, lots of cleaning, even more swearing, but on Saturday evening we were ready to have the house warming party.
We had hanged our voodoo doll some days in advance, so that she could get used to the feeling and the day before we also put some pins in:

bad juju

We spent good part of Saturday sorting the groceries, cooking and baking.
On Sunday morning, after waking up and some water to dilute the alcohol, I had a look around.
Jeez, what a mess!!!

Nachos on the ground, some food left halfway through:

the day after

I start collecting the cups used to drink sangria and at the end they were piled in a tall column, higher than the small Christmas tree that Marina bought to brighten up our living room. I'd rather had some 100W light bulbs, but the tree is fine too:

xmas tree and sangria cups

Moving to the kitchen, Vasi's shisha was sieged by bottles, cupcakes, soft drinks and other sangria's cups:


At the end, it looked like a mess, but was not so bad. In less than one hour, all the garbage was collected and divided in the bins, the dishes were in the dishwasher, half kitchen cleaned. I went on with my Sunday and Robert and Enric finished cleaning.

Yesterday evening I felt very tired, but also happy. I don't think the house needed to be warmed, as it got already quite a good insulation from the outside world: it's very home-y and familiar, we spend lot of time chatting in the kitchen and I felt home from the first minute on.

Today I'm still tired: partially I still need to recover from Saturday party and, on top of that, there is the tension for the new job. I started today and I think I'm so tired because everything is new. The way of commuting, the kind of job and office.

Yet, it's always nice and comforting knowing that at the end of the day I can come back to a place I finally call home. It's a feeling I have been missing a lot for too many months, I have a lot to catch up with now!

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  1. Great post and looked like a great party. Keep us posted on your new job. We miss you at southwood. :)