Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lazy days: fever, food and geekiness...

Christmas came and went by, leaving behind some kilos extra (way too  many, can see a lot of gym and diet on the horizon for me) and loads of paper and cardboard in the recycle bin.

It's been a quiet Christmas, family, food, wine, Davide playing with cars and Sara explaining me the meaning of the universe and demanding explanations on the why of life.
Tradition wants Italia 1 to broadcast "Trading Places" and I watched it with the rest of the family, even though my dad added in a lot of zapping between channels as he can't stand ads. 
It was a rainy Christmas, no snow to play with in the garden, but after all the worries and fear of flight cancellation, I'm quite happy to not see any snow for the next month!
Before I'll even have the time to realize it, New Year's Eve will be here.
And it'll bring the usual questions: where and how are we going to celebrate it?
I hate New Year's Eve. I hate it with venom and passion. Even more than the Christmas hypocrisy even more of that stupid non-sense of people feeling good and behaving nicely because it's Christmas (only to return to be mean and normal from Boxing Day onwards), I can't stand the "let's have fun and party because it's NYE".
Last year I refused to celebrate it and this year I started worrying about the usual NYE questions since November.
Every year, shortly before Christmas Eve, the usual questions surface in every conversation: plans for the 31st? Where are you going to celebrate the new year? How are you going to say goodbye to the old year?

This year, however, Davide, my lovely nephew, may have found a way to answer to all these questions for his aunt.
Davide was feeling a bit sick over Christmas and on Monday he looked really bad. Maybe some food allergy? How to explain otherwise that rash on the arms?
Simple: it's scarlet fever.
Guess who never had scarlet fever as a kid? Well, not only me. I discovered a lot of people never had it.
In my family, only my mum had it when she was a child. So fa,r none of the friend I spoke to about it have had scarlet fever already.
Ok, the possibility of catching it as an adult is, apparently, very low.
But I had chickenpox back in February and, lucky as I am, I might finish the year with another child disease.
I should find it out very soon as my "quarantine" is about to end: in theory if I don't start to see symptoms by tomorrow I should be safe.
Still, I couldn't really go and meet my friends during the past 2-3 days and had to stay home.
It was not so bad, however. I had the time to spend some time with mum and dad, having discussions about politics, watching movies and sorting small little crafts project that have been stashed away for ages.
I watched "The good, the bad and the ugly", even though I had a Sergio Leone's marathon only last week, and taught my mum how to knit in the round a hat.

However I had to find other things to do, to fight the boredom of the last 2-3 days of forced isolation: I spent some good hours playing a Sherlock Holmes videogames, one of those where you're supposed to use the brain to solve puzzle and you don't have to shoot, boxe, destroy armies and civilization.
I tried to read a awful book and decide to read "The stand" again instead.

Did some knitting:

hat and neckwarmer

And tried my luck at crochet. I learnt them both with my grandmother, when I was a kid, and then stopped. Now I find it relaxing as I always did, but also a nice way to make good old memories resurface.
Still... I couldn't bring myself to crochet a tea-cozy: I have no teapot I can use it with and it's not something an Italian would crochet. Nor a pot-holder or a coaster.
So I found something else I could do, a small multi-purpose project: I started crocheting again, I made my geeky side happy and got myself something I can give to Enric as souvenir. 
Now, don't ask me how I decided it, but I went online and googled for a pattern to crochet a... nothing big, just a..., ehm ehm, google android robot.
Ok, let's write it clearly: I found a pattern to crochet a Google Android droid.

I find it cute. Geeky and nerd, but cute.