Thursday, 23 December 2010

The lionel, the witch and other horrors

Maybe he had some doubts before, but now Enric must be sure I don't fall completely into the definition of "normality".

I kept asking him explanation of different flight status: what is "taxied"? And "airborne"?
Not (completely) my fault, it's just that given the problems of the past few days in London airports, I grew a bit apprehensive when it comes to flight status, expecially since I got a printed boarding pass I'm very keen to use tomorrow afternoon.

If I were a bit more "normal", I might use my time in more interesting or productive way. Such as finding a way to survive the months leading me to my April vacation, also known as the moment I don't want to be anywhere around this country, alias the wedding of William and Kate.

The countdown has started and it's bringing along a bandwagon of memorabilias worth the museum of horrors.
So far I spotted the "Official Royal Wedding Commemorative China": what better way to flush away 25 quid, but a nice commemorative pillbox?!?! WTF???

For more "intellectual" presents, yesterday in Waterstones I spotted at least 3 different books about the lovely couple: such volumes deserve a place of honour on the bookshelves of every single household of the kingdom. Yesterday, watching people buying them, I thought that illiteracy might start to be considered a blessing in disguise.

At lunch time, I was watching the news on telly and I think I spotted the top of the presents, la crème de la crème of disgusting gadgets... the first commemorative coin to celebrate this engagemen.
With just 5£ you can bring something that escapes any possible description.
There's a picture of it in an article on Telegraph website.
I think the most fitting and nicest adjective that I can associate with it is "atrocious".
No, really, what I thought was: exponential WTF!!!

It looks as if William booked the same surgeon Berluska uses for his hairline and he's marrying a zombie with worringly raised eyebrows! No, really! Who did engrave this coin!?!? 

I got a main suspect and maybe next round of revelations from wikileaks will prove me right:

(Hello, is it me you're looking for?)

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