Monday, 20 December 2010



This morning, after freezing for about 20 minutes at the bus stop, hoping for an 87 to stop by, I decided to walk, ehm, skate to Stockwell tube station.

Pointless and needless to say, the heavy snow that fell on Saturday had turned in a nice, compact, slippery ice slab, that allowed me to revise the skating 101 I learnt some years ago. And exercise my swearing skills. A lot.
There's nothing I can do right now, but hope for my flight to not be cancelled and pay a lot of attention while walking.
No point in getting frustrated or upset because of the whole situation, still...

Still, it's the 3rd winter in a row this country is hit by some days of heavy snow and for the 3rd winter in a row I have to listen to the same sort of comments: it's only few weeks a year... didn't happen in the past 20 years... it's all about cost/benefit, we can't invest the taxpayers money in it and leave more important issue without foundings... bla bla bla.

All very true of course, but I get this nagging feeling of something being untold, a "this country is a joke" soundtrack to all of this cliche' talking.

Ok agreed: it snows only 2 weeks over 52, no point doing extra spending in equipment that will rot in warehouse for the remaining 50 weeks of the year.

On the other hand: is the money otherwise spent in infrastructure in this country? I doubt it. 
Train are not cancelled only for snow... Any possible weather condition you heard of has been a cause of delays and cancellations.
This country might not have a long legacy of living under the snow, but how about rain? Don't tell me this country doesn't know a lot about life under the rain! Still, I lost the counts of how many times my trains were cancelled or delayed because of "unexpected rain on tracks" or "slippery rail condition".
And let's not forget the leaves! How many other countries in this world run a different train timetable in autumn, because of "leaves on tracks"??! Do leaves fall in a peculiar, British-only, fashion only here, so that train companies are forced to make changes to timetables?

Still, this is the 3rd year in a row of heavy snowing in winter and people in this town (and country) haven't learnt yet... not even the dumbest lab rat would have so many learning problem as most of Londoners seem to have when it comes to snow.
On the skate along Lansdowne Way this morning, it was hilarious seeing my street neighbours trying to shovel the snow, now turned into ice, off the driveway! 
They were basically hammering the ice with plastic Asda shovel... smart, very smart!
Aside me and the pub owner one block down, nobody thought that clearing the stairs and/or the drive way was something to be done on Saturday, when the snow was still fresh... And I didn't use a shovel, but an old broom doomed to the bin anyway, so the lack of equipment is a pitiful excuse.
The only possible explanation I came up with this morning is that the people here are not used to snow. And they're not very much used to reason and use their brains either.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I had great hopes of the British infrastructure - having moved from third world and all that. But I must say that at least the train service in India is a lot more reliable than that in England - more shame!

    PS: Just heard that my flight was cancelled because Heathrow cannot handle snow.