Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Upside down

In the past few days I had the feeling I was doing nothing: waking up, going to work, getting back home, but nothing else worth remembering.
No pictures, no blog posts, no baking, no laundry (thus no ironing).

Yet, yesterday, sitting in the kitchen, staring blankly at the kettle boiling the water, I realized that it was not exactly true.

I did a lot of things: being sick took away a lot of time, but I've been quite busy with moving into the new house, cleaning the new house (professionally cleaned my @$$!, pardon my French), going to Ikea to buy new stuff for the new house, trying to understand how the washing machine and the oven work.

I still haven't had the chance to use the washing machine, so obviously there was no laundry done and ironing was definitely not even in discussion.
Yesterday I discovered that the instruction for the oven we found in the kitchen were not for the oven in the kitchen. Not that we have a oven in the living room, we only have the one in the kitchen, just not with matching instruction leaflet.

Did it stop me from baking? Ah, think again!
I had a recipe waiting for ages to be tested, I managed to get all the ingredients and An-li lent me the cake mould I needed, why should have I stopped.

The first time I saw a chiffon cake was at Akiko's place: she baked a green tea chiffon cake and I was fascinated by the way you have to turn the mould and leave it there, so that the cake can slide down gently. And the fact it was so spongy!
For a reason or another I kept postponing the baking. Mainly it was the turning the cake and resting it on a bottle to wait for it to cool down that unsettled me.
But, to quote Jack Johnson, "who's to say what's impossible" and "I want to turn the whole thing upside down".
So I baked the cake and watched it fascinated resting on Enric's whisky bottle... before I switched the bottle for a glass that looked safer.

upside down

It's still not perfect, mainly because I haven't whisked the egg whites enough and I used a recipe for a 24 cm pan and a 30 cm pan, so the mix spread out more and didn't raise enough. Still, it means I got room for improvement and now that my curiosity is in motion (and An-li might get me a pan like hers, he he ^_^), who knows what I might come up with?

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  1. oh you made an Angel Food cake! where did you get the pan in this country? I make those all the time. You always leave them hanging upside down from Coca-Cola bottles -- such a common sight in the southern American states.