Thursday, 3 February 2011

My dad and Barnaby

My, my, what am I going to do?
How can I break the news to mum and dad?

I'm not pregnant. Very unlikely at the moment.

And no, I'm not engaged or getting married. Let's not step into sci-fi, please.

Howerver, I read an article on the web: John Nettles will leave ITV1's "Midsomer Murders". 
Now, in Italy "Midsomer Murders" is broadcasted every Saturday evening on La7 with the title "L'ispettore Barnaby".

My dad loves it. 
I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I'm back at home I love watching it. Or better: I love watching my dad watching it.
He has a very interactive relationship with TV shows. If it's a political debate to be on, I can hear him 2 rooms apart, hurling insults and promises of endless vicious pain and sufferences to the politicians on air.

Zapping through the smaller private channels allows him to fall asleep between a car sale and a small countryside local festival report. My dad has the ability of keeping on changing channels even if he's asleep. How can I tell he's asleep? Trust me, I can hear him snoring very well, still his thumb is still pushing buttons on the remote.

He enjoys watching "Midsomer Murders". Within one single episode he has enough time to fall asleep several time, have a chat with my mum discussing whether they have seen that episode or not, wonder whether Mrs. Barnaby is remotely related to J.B. Fletcher or not (wherever both ladies go, doom and murders ensue, plus they share the same nosy attitude) and rant about English weather and countryside.
"How come it's always sunny there? And when we come to visit you it's always miserably grey, rainy, windy and cold?" 
Yeah, telll me about it, dad, tell me about it.
Then he'll go on about once more with my mum asking her where they saw that actor.
"Which actor?"
"That one!"
"Yeah, come on! It was in that movie that we saw 3 years ago when we spent Easter up in the mountains! What's his name again?"
"I have no idea what you're on about, I was doing the crossword."
"Oh, always the same story! Virgi, check on internet!"

Every time I go back home I always make sure to be spend one evening on when Barnaby is on. I don't care about the show, but I enjoy the feeling of spending those few hours in that way, with all that small little rituals, gestures and things that can be easily forgotten but that makes a family what it is.
I can still hope in reruns, and in the amazing ability of my dad of falling asleep no matter what, as long as he can grip a remote in one hand.

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