Thursday, 17 February 2011

me, India and its youth

This story started some weeks ago. On a Saturday morning. I decided to be good and active and went to the gym, even though I felt sleepy and comatose.
The gym didn't manage to completely wake me up, and when I got back home I found a mail waiting for me: a mail asking me to contribuite to an online newspaper, based on the "citizen journalism concept".

I don't receive a lot of this mail since my blog isn't so good or popular to attract people searching for free material they can publish; and I'm not a journalist, nor I aspire to be one.

When I receive this kind of mail, most of the time I don't even reply, even though I am flattered about it, no matter the small yet persisting doubt they might just lie about it, as they're interested in free material.
Who doesn't need or want an ego massage once in a while? 
Yet, this time around something made me smile and want to write something for these people. 

They asked me to write my views "in 300-500 words on any topic which you think is relevant to the Youth of India".

India??? Yep! The online paper is Indian, The Viewspaper and was asking me, a typical North-Italy polenta-eater to write something relevant to the youth of India. Furthermore, I was just back from the gym, thus aching with muscular pains everywhere, and not exactly feeling young: in that right moment I was probably the quintessence of the antipode of their readers.

The story ends today: I didn't write anything meaningful or interesting for the youth of India I suppose, but it still took me some time and courage to come up with those 500 words non-sense.
And it's online today:

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