Sunday, 27 March 2011

The census is strong in this household...

Today is not only going to be the day we finally change the time, allowing ourselves one hour more for getting out of depression.
No today is census day! 

The propaganda machine set in motion some weeks ago, stating over and over again that the census is very important, because it is used to help plan and fund services for the community, such as transport, health system and education.

The biggest part of the census questionnaire looked to me fairly illogic, like the question left empty on purpose or the last question, that wasn't a question but a statement, "this is the end of the questionnaire"... is it so hard in 2011 to lay out pages properly???

By the time all the data will be collected and analyzed they will moreover quite possibly portrait a country that is not like that anymore. Things change very quickly and if the states needs to rely on a census to know its people, the situation is quite worrying.
How will they be able to plan anything given the massive balance cut the government is planning goes beyond my understanding to be honest.
And how they can plan something for the health system when the only question about my health in the questionnaire can be summarized in "how're you feeling today?".

NHS has my data, so if you want to know about the general level of health of your population, I suggest you go and look there. You want to know how I commute to work? I'm sure train companies and TFL will be of great help. The council has information on the housing situation and the economic well-being of the people living within its area of administration.
If the governement worries about immigration level, I can only reassure them: "Trust me, buddy, as soon as possible is not soon enough".

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