Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sushi & Tea

Mikel is leaving this week.
He found a job in Barcelona and he decided it was time to head back to a more familiar, friendlier, warmer scene. Can't blame him, I would do the same if only there were any decent offer in Turin. But nope, the only offer in my field in Turin is the same one that has been on Monster website for ages, the same one I replied to back in June last year, the same one that once contacted back and proposed to meet in October I heard nothing more ever since... they either are really picky with their software testers or the offer is quite shitty that nobody is up to take it (or is it a fake one? Mumble mumble...).

Anyway, enough of ranting about Turin job market, it's not going to change the fact that middle of this week Mikel will be gone. And I will be happy for him, because he wanted to leave this country for some months now; but I'll be sad as well as I'm going to miss him.

Last Sunday he organized a Sunday Roast in Battersea: we were shortly less than 20 people sitting around a table and we had presents for him!
We didn't want him to leave without something that would remind him of the time spent in the country.
So Robert and Enric went to Cool Britannia and managed to put together a good number of memorabilia: pillow, flip-flops, coaster, towel... even though my "favourite" present was this:

"Ahmad Tea of London": every time he feels like having a tea, he can look at the pictures, think of us and mutter something  very close to "bastards..."
Moreover we knew he was going to miss Sushi, his goldfish.
He can't really bring it back home with him, so he'll have to leave it behind, to the care of his flatmate. To make the separation trauma more bearable, I made for him a "Sushi-a-like": I crocheted a small fish, put it in a freezer bag, pulling it "afloat" with some dental floss and closed the bag. 

And here it is...


Good luck Mikel: stroll on the Ramblas in your brand new, highly fashionable Tube map flip-flops and when you look at Sushi, Kate & William think of us.
(and get us out from here!!!)

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