Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Eurospam, Bee Gees and random bits of Easter Monday

I'm just back from Easter break and about to start a royal holiday, so I should just relax, but let me say something...

It all started with a Spanish guy... how come everything in my life seems to revolve around Spanish people???
Anyway, 2 summers ago Jaime announced he was heading back to Spain and a group of friends decided for a nice farewell gift.
Few weeks before he organized a party on the evening of the final (even got small flags to decorate the building), got the winner right and so when he said he was leaving and we were getting the gift together, I was the one that volunteered to buy "THE Festival" gift set on line.

Two years have gone by and I never ever watched a final of THE Festival, but I always know when it's on. How? 
Advertisement from the EuroFestival shop normally picks up when date is getting near. During the year I don't really mind the random mails as I just bin them directly, but when the shows approaches it's doom and despair. Yesterday, when checking the mail after 3 days, I found about 3 mails about the excitment of this year final! Who-hoo! How can I resist? Sheer iron will-power, I'd say.
I wanted to unsubscribe but couldn't find any information on how to do it in the mail, then remembered that's what happened last year too.

And it also came back to my mind that, frustrated by it, I simply gave up, promising to myself I would take care of unsubscribing in the following few days.
Did I do it? Of course not!
So here I am again
Guess I didn't as I kept receiving eurospamming, and guess I will keep continuing receiving it as the same happened yesterday!

I could have found the way to unsubscribe, but the sun was shining, the air warm and slightly breezy... I just went out on the balcony and enjoyed the weather, checking the tanning squirrel (there is a squirrel that often get on top of the brick wall of our balcony, sprawled down and well, get tanned I suppose).

Out of the blue (but out of the radio of one of my neighbours as well) the song "Heartbreaker" by Bee Gees came out and I found myself singing along with it. When it finished, the dj started blabbing but my brain was stuck into a Bee Gees vortex and kept playing over and over their greatest hits.
Not that I really minded it as I like Bee Gees, but it occurred me only at 6 in the evening that I could actually played their songs on my laptop instead that my head: they're definitely in tune and sing much better than I do!

But I was quite busy knitting my top, I had hoped to have it finished before Amsterdam, and I'm so close that I don't really know what to do!
This is how it looked yesterday:

I finished a sleeve at lunch break and I got only one left. Will I manage it?

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