Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lessons (not) learnt and blueberries...

... or what a Saturday can be all about.

Yesterday was quite an interesting day: not a nice one altogether, but quite interesting and somewhat revealing.

Revealing in the fact I never learn: when people say "better alone than badly accompanied", they are not so far away from truth, popular wisdom is so underrated nowadays.
I spent my Saturday evening in a pub with a group of Spaniards, feeling in a bubble, completely cut out. Every attempt to switch the conversation back to English failed miserably and more than once I was literally left out in the middle of a discussion, because somebody else said something in Spanish.

And it's not as if I didn't know what was going to happen! Oh no! I was perfectly aware of it and from the first step I took out of home I knew I would have felt miserable the whole evening. So why on earth did I agree on that? Because I'm an idiot, I'd dare say. Because I idiotically believed people telling me "we need to catch up and have a chat", because I idiotically hoped that the other would have struck to English or at least tried a little bit harder than usual.

So I spent the evening in a pub, signing up on Foursquare, texting, checking my email on the mobile. Way to enjoy life, great work, Virginia, keep it up!!!

I got back home very upset, more with myself than with other people, because, as I said, I knew how things were going to be and still I decided to be miserable to make other "happy". And happy about what? Seeing me? Next time I'll send them a picture they can tape on a wall, as that's the way they made me feel anyway.
However an idiot I felt yesterday evening, I decided to not give it a damn this morning: even though I know that the promise to myself to not get myself in this kind of situation anymore will fail, I decided to award myself.
Because, alongside the stupid Virgi, there is another Virgi, the one that, no matter her failings, deserve something better than what she's got right now.
Yesterday afternoon I was browsing in the food section of Waterstone's, when I spotted a book with a blue, familiar cover. It was the "Nordic Bakery Cookbook", by Miisa Mink. It was the last copy on the shelf and I didn't even think about it: I just took it and literally "hugged" it, in fear some other customer wanted to take it away from me.
Silly, but I couldn't help it. The Nordic Bakery is one of the first place I discovered in London when I arrived some years ago and, even if the level of the cinnamon buns has been oscillating quite a lot recently, I just keep on loving it. It's only natural that I wanted the book and I know it's going to provide endless hours of wonderful baking. I already spotted the second experiment and can't wait for it!
Second experiment, because the first recipe had been chose already. On the way back home, I stopped over at Tesco and got the ingredients for the "Blueberry Rye Tart", that proved to be, as described in the book, a very easy and quick bake.
The photo in the book is much better than mine, and probably also the one baked in the bakery, but I felt proud of myself anyway.

The Nordic Bakery cookbook

So this morning I decided to have a slice of it. Not exactly the kind of cake I  would have at breakfast, but I thought I needed a bit of spoiling, because family is far away and if I don't spoil myself, who will?

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  1. Beautiful food!

    Don't beat yourself up about the Spaniards. At least you got out of the house! :)

  2. yeah, but it's better not to mention the condition and way i felt when I got back into the house!!! :-(

    The cake is quite nice, but above everything delicious! :-D

  3. Bellissima torta! Adoro i mirtilli in tutte le loro declinazioni. Mi sa che dovrò procurarmi anche questo libro, l'ennesimo libro di cucina... ^___^
    Buon inizio settimana Virgi! :)

  4. Grazie Irma! Il libro lo consiglio calorosamente! Fra ricette dolci e salate c'è letteralmente l'imbarazzo della scelta!
    Succede anche a te di trovarti in coda alla cassa e dire: "Basta, questo è l'ultimo libro di cucina che compro!"?

  5. Your cake looks really gorgeous. I have some English/American baking books (my wife has, actually), but we missed this one.

    I now crave for something sweet :) (off he runs to the vending machine...).