Thursday, 14 April 2011

That is my mug!

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When my parents chose to name me "Virginia", I'm quite sure they suspect I wouldn't meet many other girls named like me.
I had to wait for 15 years before my path of life was crossed by somebody with my same name.

It never really mattered, I had much more pressing matters at hand, but there was a moment when I felt I had a more common name: school trip. One traditional moment of any school trip is the "souvenir" moment. Postcards for your parents, some ridiculous gadget for other relatives and then something for yourself, normally a small treat with the name of the place or some landmarks picture, plus your name: pens, t-shirt, key-rings or bracelets... All my classmates would buy something. Me? Vittoria was the closes I could get to my name.

Some years ago, when my mum gave me a small keyring for Christmas with my name on it, I felt like so childishly happy and over the moon. I never had something like that, so obviously I treasured it even more.

Then some years ago I got a mug with my name: there had just been a reorganization within my company and they gave each of us a mug, with the name of the new team on one side and our own name on the other. They made some mistakes in the purchase, so I ended up with 2 mugs with my name!!!

I kept one at home and one in the office, but now I think I will have to stop this small tradition of mine. Why?
Simple, because people keep stealing my mug!
I never thought my mug could be so fascinating, but it happened more than once that I put it in the kitchenette's dishwasher and the morning after it was gone! 
Why? Why? But above all: Why?!?!?!
So far I put down a possible list of reasons for it to happen:

  1. I truly do own the sexiest, funkiest, coolest, best-est of the best mug on planet earth and people can refrain themselves from using it.
  2. One/Many of my colleagues have a personality disorder and think to be me, or some other Virginia.
  3. One/Many of my colleagues can't read.
Any other suggestion?

1 comment:

  1. Anche io da bambina non trovavo mai gadget con il mio nome... :)
    P.S. La figlia di una mia cugina si chiama come te, ed era anche il nome di una vecchia zia del mio babbo.