Monday, 6 June 2011

The Dude and Leonard

Missing out things is becoming quite a recurring theme of my life.
I miss out chances, job opportunities, buses, country; I miss opportunities to take pictures, to shut up, to just be happy with myself; I miss stories...

Some days ago, while waiting for the oven to cook my dinner I ended up on this page, detailing the experiment organized by the Washington Post with the collaboration of classical violinist Joshua Bell. 
The story is interesting and I remember reading something about it some time ago, but more interesting to me is that the blog doesn't use the Washington Post article to talk about this experiment, rather the account made by Jeff Bridges on his webpage.

Now, the question is obvious: since when does the Dude write a blog? But even more pressing, how come I did miss it out?!?!

Reading the story again made me think about all the things I quite likely miss out by living in London. 
Sounds almost like an heresy, how can you miss out something in a city that has so much to offer? Just because of that: with so many things happenings, the chances of events passing by without you noticing them are higher.

But even more, life's becoming so rushed that it's the small things and wonders that fall into oblivion. Personally I don't pay a lot of attention to what happens in the tube: I hate it, I hate the people that keeps pushing me aside, I hate the fact it's small, smelly and dirty, so I try not to spend too much time near or inside its stations. However I noticed that I've been paying more attention recently, maybe just because of the article. And I noticed a weird thing: there is a TFL spot for buskers in Piccadilly Circus station, on the way to the Piccadilly line. I've passed by a good number of times in the past few months and saw different people playing. The weird thing is that they were all playing "Hallelujah". Is it just a simple coincidence or is that the Leonard-Cohenist buskers spot?
And talking about Leonard, am I the only one suspecting that Leonard Cohen and Leonard Nimoy might be the same person? Have the 2 Leonards been seen in public together?

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