Wednesday, 1 June 2011

how much for taking part?


As many others in this country, I applied for some tickets for the Olympics.
Not much, I didn't go into a Olympic shopping spree as many others did. So far no money has been taken off my account so I still don't know whether I got one or all of them. If I do win, I will see the money being taken out of my bank account before being informed of which ticket I did get. So far nothing, but I received more than one mail from the organizers and ticketing mail address. Mainly to remember me that I need to have money in my bank account.

Then last week I got another mail, inviting me to buy tickets for the "London Prepares" series. It's true that it gives you a chance to watch sport events, but... 15£?!?! 
15 Great Britain Pound to help the organization to see if the work done mainly by volunteers is going well?

Watching a recent BBC Panorama investigation about FIFA corruption, it felt like the emperor's new clothes. They weren't saying anything new, yet it seemed pretty obvious nothing was going to change either. It made me think about Olympics too and about my mixed feelings for this event.
Back in 2006, I enjoyed and loved the Olympics in Torino: the people, the atmosphere, the parties around town, the sport events, Torino was transformed and Olympics made me love my town even more. Still I found the whole system behind the organization of the Olympics troubling: a constant stream of requests to people in town to accommodate for the all the works related to it, to bear patience, to pay in a way or another (i.e. taxes) for the Olympics, the fact that it's not about taking part or winning anymore, but about sponsors and merchandising.
So, while waiting to know whether I get some tickets or not, I feel at the same time quite appalled by the request of paying for somehow "helping" the Olympics organization, and I'm not sure which part of me is the most hypocrite...

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  1. Hai ragione, V. "Sport" non e' mai veramente "sport"---e' un "business."