Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday: newspaper and idiocy

I don't normally buy newspaper: most of the time I find the reality around me depressing enough. During the week, I might read some pages during the lunch break as the company provides us with the main newspaper in the lunch area.
During the weekend I'm just reading the news online: it's a weird mixture of extremely interesting articles and completely pointless piece of pseudo-journalism.
Perhaps it's the same mix of every edition of the week, but I do feel and notice it more on Sunday, when I'm relaxed and my mind is more free than usual to wonder free, ponder big questions or get lost in utter stupidity.
So this morning, while part of me was wondering whether it would rain or not (ah!), the other one skimmed through the Guardian homepage and the title "Beckhams a 'bad example' for families". 
Bad example? Are we talking about the hideous wedding cerimony? No, too long ago.
The sense of fashion? If only the had it...
Irrational baby naming? Quite possibly but that's not the matter at hands in the article.
No, they are a bad example because they had a 4th child. 

"The Beckhams, and others like London mayor Boris Johnson, are very bad role models with their large families. There's no point in people trying to reduce their carbon emissions and then increasing them 100% by having another child," he said. "England is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and the fastest-growing in population terms in Europe. In 15 years we'll have an extra 10 million people here."

Now with all the thing I could say about Victoria Beckham, I think that wanting and having a fourth kid is the last thing on my mind. My sister has just had the 3rd baby: I think both Adri and my bro-in-law to be extremely responsible people, perhaps slightly mad and brave at the same time for choosing to have kids in a specific tough economic time in a country with a crap political system and a failing society.
Plus, part of me feel irrationaly irritated by the fact this crap didn't come out for their 3rd kid, no, they had to wait for a baby girl. Right. Luckily enough they didn't come up to suggest a nice bucket of water, but that's just me and my wicked way of thinking.
But really... do this people have to waste oxygen to air out such idiotic ideas??? Really, such a big number of teenagers in this country do get pregnant because they see Posh Spice and think: "Cool, I want to be just like her... let's go and make a baby!"
Right, it's not the lack of sexual education provided either by schools ad families. No, it's all the Beckhams' faults! Does it mean we can strip them of their bank accounts?

The problem is not just the overpopulation of the planet but how rotten the distribution of the population and wealth is. The way to solve it would call for a revolutionary change of the distribution of the wealth in between countries and social level, a immediate stop of economical and political spoilage operated by first world government and multinational company over the people and resources of third world countries.
Saying that the overpopulation of this planet is even only barely due to the bad example set by the Beckhams sounds like that crap my granny used to feed me when I was a kid: "Finish up your greenies. Don't you know that kids in Africa are starving?" Yes, I am aware of it. But will I ever save anybody if I clean my plate off the Brussels' sprouts? No!
Will it make me feel less guilty? Perhaps, and I might wash away any sense of guilt at my having been lucky at the birthplace lottery by buying the next CD with any humanitarian purpose.
So, yeah! Let's blame Victoria and pay BA the CO2 offset fee everytime we fly: at least, it's definitely less painful than finishing a plate of Brussels' sprouts.


  1. Kate's reply tot he "starving people in Africa" blackmail was: "Name one".